Keeping Your Car Clean

I still remember the day that I bought my first car. I thought it was the most perfect vehicle in the world, and I vowed to care for it diligently. Unfortunately, within a few days I had forgotten about my promise, and I started tossing fast food wrappers in the back like everyone else. After awhile I realized that neglecting my car was turning the inside into a garbage pit, and I decided to learn how to take better care of my vehicle. I took a class on auto detailing, and it really helped me to turn things around. I want to teach you what I learned, so you should read this blog.

3 Signs That Your Brakes Need Servicing


Although you have probably taken your car in to have your brake pads replaced in the past, you might have never had a full brake service done. With a brake service, a mechanic will clean, lubricate and adjust the various components of your braking system to ensure that everything is in proper condition. These are a few common signs that your brakes are in need of servicing.

1. Your Brake Pedal is Too Close to the Floor

As your braking system becomes worn out, it isn't uncommon for your brake to get closer and closer to the floor. Not only can this make for uncomfortable driving and stopping, but it can be an indication of more serious problems. If you notice that you're having to reach farther down to apply your brake, it's time for a brake servicing.

2. Your Emergency Brake Does Not Work

If you have recently tried to use your emergency brake and found that it did not work at all, or if you felt that it did not hold as well as it should have, you could be wondering about the cause of the problem. In many cases, a misalignment of your braking components or other issue could be to blame. Even if you do not use your emergency brake often, you should not ignore this problem, since it could be a sign of issues with other components of your braking system as well.

3. Your Vehicle Isn't Stopping Well

If you are having trouble bringing your vehicle to a complete stop in a timely manner, it is imperative to have your braking system checked. Many people put this off because they don't hear their brakes "squealing." However, the squealing noise that you might be accustomed to generally comes from brake pads that need to be replaced. In some cases, it is the other components of your braking system that need replacement.

Taking good care of your brakes is important. In fact, it's arguable that your brakes are the most important safety component of your vehicle, so there is no reason to play around with the maintenance of your braking system. If you notice any of these three things, it is imperative to schedule an appointment with a brake service as soon as possible. Along with ensuring that your vehicle is safe to operate, having your brakes serviced can also help you save money on future brake repairs. Visit for more information.


4 May 2015