Keeping Your Car Clean

I still remember the day that I bought my first car. I thought it was the most perfect vehicle in the world, and I vowed to care for it diligently. Unfortunately, within a few days I had forgotten about my promise, and I started tossing fast food wrappers in the back like everyone else. After awhile I realized that neglecting my car was turning the inside into a garbage pit, and I decided to learn how to take better care of my vehicle. I took a class on auto detailing, and it really helped me to turn things around. I want to teach you what I learned, so you should read this blog.

How To Save On Your Auto Repairs


Are you afraid of how much your car repairs are going to be? If so, you may end up avoiding the repair shops. This can be a major issue and risk as you can potentially put your car through more complications, which can end up costing you more for repairs. Before you assume that your repairs are going to cost too much, there are ways that you can receive affordable repairs, such as:

Hire A Self-contracted Mechanic

Rather than going to a repair shop, why not have a certified mechanic who is self-employed come to you? Chances are, you will pay far less by using a mobile mechanic, as he or she doesn't have any hefty overhead expenses to pay for, which allows him or her to provide you with much lower labor rates. Not only will you save on your labor rates, but you won't have to deal with waiting around a repair shop all day, as your mechanic can perform the repairs all from the location of your home. This saves you money and time, which can definitely make for a better experience.

Avoid Major Auto Repair Shops

Big name repair shops may seem like a great option, but they can also be the most expensive one. Because a big corporate repair shop has many employees, a big garage shop, and inventory to pay for, they are likely going to have higher labor rates than a small, locally-owned shop. So, if you want to be sure you are saving on your repairs, consider a smaller shop that has a few employees and mechanics and a small garage, as this likely means they don't have too much overhead and that they can provide you with lower rates due to healthy profit margins.

Provide Your Own Replacement Parts

If you are trying to maximize your saving opportunity then definitely be sure to seek a mechanic or repair shop that allows you to provide your own replacement parts. Nearly all repair shops and mechanics offer markup rates on replacement parts, which will end up costing you more. By providing your own parts, not only do you prevent markup costs, but you have the ability to shop from your own source, so you can be certain you are getting the best deal on your new parts.

By utilizing these tips, you will be able to save on your car repairs and feel more comfortable knowing that your next repairs are going to be within your budget.


18 June 2015