Keeping Your Car Clean

I still remember the day that I bought my first car. I thought it was the most perfect vehicle in the world, and I vowed to care for it diligently. Unfortunately, within a few days I had forgotten about my promise, and I started tossing fast food wrappers in the back like everyone else. After awhile I realized that neglecting my car was turning the inside into a garbage pit, and I decided to learn how to take better care of my vehicle. I took a class on auto detailing, and it really helped me to turn things around. I want to teach you what I learned, so you should read this blog.

Is Your Car Stuttering Or Pulling? A Simple Guide To Find Out Why


Maintaining a car can be time consuming as well as costly. But the upkeep of your vehicle is still important, as it might prevent a compartment from completely failing. Thankfully, most cars reveal signs or show symptoms of an issue, such as stuttering or pulling, and the following guide may help you find out why your car is displaying these signs. 

Spark Plugs

Spark plugs give off an electrical spark that initiates combustion for your engine, making your spark plugs essential in the amount of power you receive. One of the signs of faulty spark plugs is a loss of power, which may feel like a pull or hesitation when you accelerate. But there are other signs to look for, like the following:

  • The engine might run a bit roughly while you are idling, which could be low RPM's or erratic RPM's.
  • You might have some trouble starting your car.
  • Your battery might need to be replaced more quickly than usual because bad spark plugs drain your battery.
  • You might feel a misfire, which usually feels like a momentary pause between speeds.
  • The acceleration will feel somewhat sluggish.
  • Your fuel economy may suffer, causing you to use more gas per mile.

You can talk to your auto care specialist should you feel that your car may have bad spark plugs, so that he or she can confirm and fix your problem.

Clogged Fuel Filter

The fuel filter helps remove residue or sludge that might be in your fuel or fuel tank to make sure your engine receives pure gasoline. A clogged fuel filter will not allow enough gasoline to get your engine, making your engine lose power; this will feel like a pull while you are driving. The following are other signs of a clogged fuel filter:

  • A severely clogged filter will not allow enough gasoline through to start your vehicle, or you might have a hard time starting your car.
  • Your engine might stall or feel like it is stalling from time to time.
  • High speeds or heavy loads might make your car randomly lose power.
  • The car might idle erratically or stall during idling.
  • You might smell strong and bad exhaust fumes coming from your exhaust pipe.

Let your auto care specialist, like those at Steven & Francine's Complete Automotive Repair Inc, know that you have noticed these symptoms, so that he or she can deal with this problem.

Hopefully, the issue can be resolved by replacing either one of these faulty parts, which are not too expensive.


23 October 2015