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I still remember the day that I bought my first car. I thought it was the most perfect vehicle in the world, and I vowed to care for it diligently. Unfortunately, within a few days I had forgotten about my promise, and I started tossing fast food wrappers in the back like everyone else. After awhile I realized that neglecting my car was turning the inside into a garbage pit, and I decided to learn how to take better care of my vehicle. I took a class on auto detailing, and it really helped me to turn things around. I want to teach you what I learned, so you should read this blog.

3 Auto Glass Repair Tips To Give Your Classic Modern Safety And Prevent Problems


If you are doing an auto restoration, classic cars often have the problem that they were manufactured before auto safety glass was invented. This can make restoration challenging when you need to repair or replace the glass in your classic car. Here are some auto glass repair tips to give your car modern safety glass and prevent problems:

1. Updating Old Glass with Safety Films to Keep Your Car All-Original

If you have a classic with glass that is all-original and in good condition, then you may want to keep it that way. You also want to ensure your car is safe if you plan on driving it often. To improve the glass of your classic and make it safer, modern glass films can be used. Talk with a glass service about installing films for the original glass in your car. This will help make your auto glass shatter-resistant, as well as prevent cracks and other damage that can happen while doing restoration work.

2. Talk with An Auto Glass Service About Having Custom Glass Made

There are also auto glass repairs that require custom glass to be made. This is due to glass that has a unique form that has been severely damaged and cannot be repaired. If you have concave glass or other custom repairs, talk to an auto glass service about making the custom replacement glass to complete the repairs and make sure your car is safe for regular everyday driving.

3. Standard Auto Glass Replacements with Conventional Safety Materials

There are also many conventional glass sizes and shapes that you may need. This can include standard auto safety glass for doors or the windshields. These conventional glass materials can often be ordered to fit your car and installed by you. There is a problem when attempting to install auto glass on your own, which often leads to installation-cracks from improper installation. To avoid problems with installation, it is usually best to contact an auto glass repair service to have a professional installation done and ensure you do not have problems that often show up after the new glass has been installed.

These are some auto glass repair tips to help give your classic car modern safety features and prevent problems. If you need help with getting new glass for your car, contact an auto glass repair service and for more information about options to make your glass safer. 


6 August 2018