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4 Tips To Prepare Your Mini Truck For The Installation Of A Larger V8 Engine And Transmission


There are many small pickup trucks that have plenty of room for larger engines that they wear not originally designed for, but some modifications need to be done. You will need to make adjustments to install a larger V8, transmission, and drivetrain in your truck. The following tips will help you prepare your mini truck for the installation of a larger V8 engine and transmission:

1. Beef Up the Front and Rear Suspension to Support the Extra Engine Weight

Before you get started with installing a new V8 in your mini truck, you will want to make sure the suspension can support the weight. You will want to install stiffer springs, shocks and tie rods on the front end. In addition, you will also want to beef up the rear suspension to support the extra weight of a larger transmission and rear end.

2. Custom Motor Mounts to Support the V8 and Modifications to The Engine Bay

The smaller engines of mini trucks often have fewer motor mounts, which may also be located in different areas than where you need them. Use an engine lift to drop the block in the engine bay to determine where the mounts need to go. If you need to, remove metal from the engine bay to make room for the engine. If you cut out the fire wall for the engine or transmission, make sure to fabricate metal to modify it and reinstall the insulating barrier that separates you from the engine when driving.

3. Adapt the Frame and Custom Floor Pan Fabrication to House the New Transmission

The frame and floor pan may need to be modified to support the new transmission and rear differential. If you have the casing of the transmission you are planning to use, make a mock-up to find out where you need to modify the truck to fit the larger transmission. If you are going to have a transmission shop help with modifications, take it to them or have them look at the truck to decide how to modify the frame to support the transmission. In addition, cut the floor pan and weld in new metal if you need more space.

4. Have A Transmission Shop Help with Modifications That Are Needed to Complete the New Drivetrain

Getting the transmission and drivetrain modifications right when doing a V8 engine swap in a mini truck can be challenging. You will want to have a transmission shop help with modifications to the gear ratio you need for your engine and to get help with installing a custom driveshaft and modifying the rear differential. While you may be able to do most of the work to install the engine, it is worth investing in having an experienced transmission service do the modifications to other parts of the drivetrain to ensure you do not have problems.

These are some tips that will help you prepare your mini truck for the installation of a larger engine and transmission. Contact a transmission repair shop for help with modification to your transmission, driveshaft and rear end to complete your mini truck V8 engine installation.


17 July 2019