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Why Your Trucking Business Might Want To Look Into IRP Apportioned Plates


Is your trucking business looking to expand? Perhaps you've only traveled the roads in your current state but you might soon start hauling across the country or even up to Canada? Before you make this change, here's why you'll want to look into IRP apportioned plates.

IRP Stands for International Registration Plan and is an Agreement Between Most of the United States and Provinces in Canada

If you own a trucking company that operates in one state, you likely have a commercial trucking license that is valid in your current state. But what if you want to expand and haul outside of your original borders? The IRP is a system that will allow you to register and have the commercial trucking license in your home state recognized by other states or provinces that you travel to.

The IRP is a Way to Save Money and Time When Compared With Applying for New Commercial Licenses

By joining the IRP, you can get your current commercial license recognized. This makes hauling in another state super easy when compared with trying to apply for a new commercial license in every state you might be hauling in. The IRP is also an easy way to get your American business permission to haul in a Canadian province without having to go through a bunch of additional hoops and deal with the paperwork that this would otherwise involve.

The IRP Can Save You Money Because You Pay for Only the Miles You Travel 

Applying for multiple commercial trucking licenses in multiple states can quickly get expensive and affect your bottom line. But with the IRP, your fees are calculated based on the amount of time you are actually traveling in a certain state. You'll have to maintain your original commercial trucking license in your home state and then likely pay an additional fee through the IRP based on how many miles you are traveling in other states. If you do more hauling in other states in a given year, this fee will be higher, but if you have a year where most of your hauling is done in your home state, your IRP fees will be less. The amount you pay will be "apportioned" across the board according to however many miles you hauled in any given state.

If your trucking business wants to expand and travel through other states, you need to make sure your paperwork is in order. By registering through the IRP and being assigned one or more IRP apportioned plates for your fleet, you can move from state to state with ease and without paying a large amount of money for multiple commercial trucking licenses.

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18 November 2021