Keeping Your Car Clean

I still remember the day that I bought my first car. I thought it was the most perfect vehicle in the world, and I vowed to care for it diligently. Unfortunately, within a few days I had forgotten about my promise, and I started tossing fast food wrappers in the back like everyone else. After awhile I realized that neglecting my car was turning the inside into a garbage pit, and I decided to learn how to take better care of my vehicle. I took a class on auto detailing, and it really helped me to turn things around. I want to teach you what I learned, so you should read this blog.

Tire Issues To Watch For


Your tires help move you from one place to another. Without them, your vehicle isn't going to move you too far if at all. Tires can last a couple of years to a good number of years depending on the quality of the tires and how much you take care of them. Maintenance is important for your tires to help them last longer. If your tires aren't well maintained, you'll end up with issues with them that you didn't anticipate. Read on for some tire issues to keep an eye out for that may indicate they are in need of repairs or replacing.

Loud Noises

Loud noises such as slapping noises or thudding as you drive may indicate that you either have a broken belt or you have a flat tire. You could also have uneven wear on your tires which can cause loud noises. If you have any loud noises coming from your tires when you drive, you should have your tires inspected before you attempt to drive too far on your tires. If you hear noises, you may need to have your tires replaced or you may need to have them rotated.

Lack Of Tread

If you don't have any tread on your tires, they can cause you problems such as accidents or issues with stopping. A lack of tread is dangerous for you and for your vehicle. If you can place a penny in the tread upside down and see Abraham Lincoln's head, you don't have enough tread on your tires. You shouldn't be able to see the head at all. If you can see a lot of Lincoln's head, you should have your tires checked and replaced as needed.

Cracks In The Tires

Cracks in the tires are usually caused by dry rotting. When your tires dry rot, it is usually a sign that your tires are old or they've been sitting too long without moving. When your tires are cracking, they can simply break apart. If you have cracks in your tires, especially in the side walls, you need to have them replaced. Don't drive on tires that are dry rotted or cracked, they can break apart at any moment and cause an accident.

If you are driving on tires with any of these issues, you could end up in an accident, injuring yourself or someone else. Get your vehicle into a tire repair shop to have your tires inspected repaired and replaced if necessary.


3 June 2022