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2 Things To Do When Preparing Yourself For A Job Interview As An Auto Technician


Whether you are just now entering the workforce as an automotive technician or are changing jobs, you will be required to apply and interview for a position at an automotive shop. While interviewing for such a position has parts of the process that are similar to other professions, an interview as an auto tech may have other things involved. After you have received an appointment for an interview, you want to make sure that you are well prepared. Below are a couple of things you should consider doing before your interview to help you get the job.

1. Make Copies of All Automotive-Related Certifications to Bring With You to the Interview

One thing that you should do to help you during your interview is to make copies of your certifications. While a diploma or degree from a technical school is desirable, the shop owner will be just as, if not more, interested in the extra steps that you have taken to expand your automotive knowledge.

Some of the most desirable skill sets are shown through an Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certification, so if you have obtained it, definitely bring in a copy. If you have been certified as an auto air conditioning technician, this document should also be brought in, especially if the shop offers A/C services.

2. Research the Services the Shop Provides and Brush Up on Any Skills You Feel Are Rusty

Another thing that you should do to prepare yourself is to fully research the services that the shop provides. If you notice that the job requires any skills that you feel rusty on, you should brush up on them beforehand, either by reviewing procedures or actually working on a vehicle. Most interviewers with an auto shop will at the very least quiz you on various automotive skills. However, some may also have you perform certain skills to show that you have the knowledge and experience required, so you want to make sure that you can show them your hands-on skills.

Ensuring that you bring documents that show you are knowledgeable and certified in specific automotive repair skills not only shows initiative but also provides written proof of your background. Since some shops will either quiz you or have you perform hands-on demonstrations, you should also brush up on any skills that you feel are a bit rusty. Making these preparations before your interview can help you feel confident when you apply for auto technician jobs in your area.

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28 October 2022