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Different Types Of Supplies For Ceramic Window Tinting


Ceramic window tint is a popular choice for those looking to reduce glare, block UV rays, and increase privacy in their vehicle. And if you want to DIY your tint installation, you'll need the right supplies for the job.

Take a closer look at the different types of ceramic window tint supplies out there.

Ceramic Film Roll  

The most important thing when it comes to window tinting is, of course, the ceramic film roll itself. The film is a polyester-based material dyed and treated with heat-resistant chemicals to provide a durable layer of protection against UV radiation and other external elements like dust and dirt.

It also comes in various shades and tints, so you can customize the look you want for your car. For instance, a darker hue provides more privacy and glare reduction, while lighter tints allow some natural light to come through.

The thickness of the ceramic film will depend on the type of film you choose. You can get a thinner film for more visibility or a thicker one for more heat resistance.

Squeegee and Razor Blades

A squeegee is used to press down the edges of the film after it has been applied to the window. It looks like a squeegee you'd use to clean your shower but is specifically designed for applying window tint. It can also help smooth out any bubbles or wrinkles in the film and make sure that it properly adheres to the glass.

You will also need a few razor blades or a special cutting tool to cut the film into the right shape and size for your window. This should be done carefully so you don't accidentally damage the film or the window glass.

Installation Solution

Installing ceramic window tint requires an installation solution that helps bond the adhesive side of the film to the glass surface. This solution is usually made with water and dish soap, but there are also specialized installation solutions available on the market if you want something more professional-looking.

The installation solution is sprayed onto the window before applying the film to ensure a strong bond. It's also important to use the right amount of solution, as too little won't be enough to adhere to the film properly, and too much will cause the adhesive to become too tacky and make it difficult to install.

Make sure you have plenty of lint-free cloths or towels since these will come in handy for wiping down any excess solution while installing your window tint. 


29 March 2023