Brakes Going Out? 3 Signs To Watch For


The brakes on your vehicle have a major responsibility to make your vehicle stop when necessary. If the brakes on your car are not in good shape, there are signs to tell you this. If you are not paying attention to the signs, you may end up in an accident when your vehicle does not stop. Do not ignore the signs of your brakes needing to be changed. If you are not sure of these signs, read on for a few of them to watch out for.

29 December 2021

Why Your Trucking Business Might Want To Look Into IRP Apportioned Plates


Is your trucking business looking to expand? Perhaps you've only traveled the roads in your current state but you might soon start hauling across the country or even up to Canada? Before you make this change, here's why you'll want to look into IRP apportioned plates. IRP Stands for International Registration Plan and is an Agreement Between Most of the United States and Provinces in Canada If you own a trucking company that operates in one state, you likely have a commercial trucking license that is valid in your current state.

18 November 2021

Have An Older Vehicle? Know How You Should Maintain It


As your vehicle gets older, it is going to require more maintenance to keep it up and running. Here are some tips that you should follow that will help you do just that.  Regularly Change The Oil One of the most important things that you can do is change the oil regularly. However, older cars may not be driven that much, and many people think that they should change their oil based on how many miles have been driven since the last oil change.

14 October 2021

Signs Your Car Needs a Brake Service


Brakes facilitate car stoppage and play an essential role in ensuring safety in your car. Like any other part of your car, brakes require servicing to keep them in good condition. Remember that if you drive when your brake system has problems, you endanger your life and other motorists. Therefore, get auto brake services when you see these signs. Screeching or Grinding When your brakes release sharp screeching or grinding noises, that means there's an issue with the brake shoes, rotors, or pads.

24 September 2021

What to Do If Your Transmission Starts Grinding or Banging When Putting It in Gear


The transmission in your car or truck may begin to make noise as it ages. Often this is related to wear inside the transmission, and in most cases, it can be fixed if you take the vehicle to a transmission repair shop for a complete diagnosis.  Automatic Transmissions When an automatic transmission starts to make noise or shift inappropriately, it is often related to fluid pressure in the system. If the transmission fluid level drops too low, the filter is clogged, or the pump is not putting out enough pressure, the transmission can begin to function erratically.

26 August 2021

Important Things Driver Should Know About Wipers and Wiper Fluid


Those who drive a lot often have demanding schedules that can make prioritizing tasks a necessary skill. Unfortunately, drivers who find themselves in situations where they must decide what tasks they must attend to first can find themselves postponing completion of other tasks that should also be viewed as important.  A good example of this is when drivers know that their windshield wipers are no longer functional or their windshield wiper fluid reservoir is empty, yet they continue to postpone the installation of new wipers or refilling their car's wiper fluid.

19 July 2021

Should You Ignore Your Check Engine Light?


Most of the items around your house don't come with a flashing light that warns you that your wallet is about to get lighter. Unfortunately, automakers decided to install just such a device in your vehicle. As a result, many drivers choose to ignore their check engine light since it usually means a costly visit to their local, friendly repair shop. While that little yellow light can be frustrating, it's there for a good reason.

10 June 2021