What to Do If Your Transmission Starts Grinding or Banging When Putting It in Gear


The transmission in your car or truck may begin to make noise as it ages. Often this is related to wear inside the transmission, and in most cases, it can be fixed if you take the vehicle to a transmission repair shop for a complete diagnosis.  Automatic Transmissions When an automatic transmission starts to make noise or shift inappropriately, it is often related to fluid pressure in the system. If the transmission fluid level drops too low, the filter is clogged, or the pump is not putting out enough pressure, the transmission can begin to function erratically.

26 August 2021

Important Things Driver Should Know About Wipers and Wiper Fluid


Those who drive a lot often have demanding schedules that can make prioritizing tasks a necessary skill. Unfortunately, drivers who find themselves in situations where they must decide what tasks they must attend to first can find themselves postponing completion of other tasks that should also be viewed as important.  A good example of this is when drivers know that their windshield wipers are no longer functional or their windshield wiper fluid reservoir is empty, yet they continue to postpone the installation of new wipers or refilling their car's wiper fluid.

19 July 2021

Should You Ignore Your Check Engine Light?


Most of the items around your house don't come with a flashing light that warns you that your wallet is about to get lighter. Unfortunately, automakers decided to install just such a device in your vehicle. As a result, many drivers choose to ignore their check engine light since it usually means a costly visit to their local, friendly repair shop. While that little yellow light can be frustrating, it's there for a good reason.

10 June 2021