3 Auto Glass Repair Tips To Give Your Classic Modern Safety And Prevent Problems


If you are doing an auto restoration, classic cars often have the problem that they were manufactured before auto safety glass was invented. This can make restoration challenging when you need to repair or replace the glass in your classic car. Here are some auto glass repair tips to give your car modern safety glass and prevent problems: 1. Updating Old Glass with Safety Films to Keep Your Car All-Original

6 August 2018

4 Car Inspections Your Vehicle Has Before You Find It On The Dealer's Lot


Buying a new car is exciting. There is so much to choose from, but more importantly, there are so many cars that have to pass auto inspections before you ever look at them. In fact, most cars go through at least four different inspections at four different times before they are ever purchased off of a dealer's lot.  Each inspection has a purpose, too. The next car or truck you buy should have been through no less than two inspections.

13 May 2018

Do You Procrastinate On Car Maintenance? Switch To Synthetic Oil During An Oil Change


Keeping up with car maintenance is something that you may not excel at as a vehicle owner. But, this does not mean that you should give up owning a vehicle. The key is to make it easier to own and maintain your car. In some cases, a person may sell their car and buy a more reliable one. Although you may intend on buying a different car in the future, you can make an immediate improvement to your vehicular maintenance situation by switching to synthetic oil.

20 March 2018

Insight To Help You Repair A Scratch Or Dent From Your Vehicle's Body


When a crash occurs to your vehicle, the damage can make your vehicle look ugly, put its exterior at risk of rust and corrosion, and can put your vehicle out of alignment. For these reasons, it is important to repair your vehicle as soon as possible to restore it to its former appearance and protect it from corrosion. Here are some tips to help you repair and restore your vehicle when the damage is only cosmetic.

31 January 2018

Finding One Shop For Complete Complete Care Service


There are a lot of automotive repair shops that specialize in one thing or another but having to take your car to different garages for different services can be inconvenient for you as the customer. If you can find one place to have all your service issued dealt with at the same time, you can avoid running all over town for service. There are options out there for you, such as:

18 November 2017

Taking A Closer Look At The Advantages Of Driving School For Your Teen Driver


If there is one milestone that can strike fear in the heart of a parent, it is no doubt when it is time for your teen to start driving on their own. While many parents will take the traditional route and spend hours in the car with their youngster teaching them everything they know, there is always another option in driving school. Teen driver education classes are often offered through learning centers, DMVs, and even public schools, and these programs are well worth taking advantage of as a parent.

6 October 2016

Signs You Need To Replace Your Car's Shocks


Your car's shocks are an integral part of the suspension system of your vehicle. If they are working improperly, they can greatly reduce your comfort level while driving and make it harder for you to control your vehicle. Thankfully, there are a couple of warning signs that you can keep an eye out for to determine when you need to take your car in to have the shocks replaced. Bouncing

12 August 2016

Signs You Need To Replace Your Fuel Pump


Your vehicle's fuel pump, like its name would suggest, pumps fuel from your fuel tank to your engine, and as such is an integral part of the operation of your vehicle. If it begins to operate poorly or improperly, your vehicle may find itself unable to operate at all and leave you stranded somewhere. Thankfully, there are a number of warning signs of a failing fuel pump that you can keep your eye out for so you can head to a mechanic before it becomes a real problem.

2 August 2016

Automatic Transmission Problems: 3 Signs That You Have One


A defective transmission is one of the last things that any person wants to have to deal with, as it is not only time-consuming, but it is also quite expensive. If you know what to watch out for, you can catch the warning signs of a failing transmission early on and remedy the issue before it becomes a major and costly problem. Here are three signs that you have an automatic transmission that is trying to go out on you:

13 June 2016

What To Do When Your Car Blows A Brake Line


Brake line failures are rare, but they can be extremely dangerous and very scary when you're behind the wheel. When you hit the brake pedal, you create pressure that moves the brake fluid through the lines and activates the calipers, creating the braking action. When a brake line breaks, the fluid leaks out and the lack of pressure means it can't reach the calipers. Although your brake warning light will probably come on, you'll know when it happens because you'll suddenly lose the ability to stop or slow down.

16 May 2016