Taking A Closer Look At The Advantages Of Driving School For Your Teen Driver


If there is one milestone that can strike fear in the heart of a parent, it is no doubt when it is time for your teen to start driving on their own. While many parents will take the traditional route and spend hours in the car with their youngster teaching them everything they know, there is always another option in driving school. Teen driver education classes are often offered through learning centers, DMVs, and even public schools, and these programs are well worth taking advantage of as a parent.

6 October 2016

Signs You Need To Replace Your Car's Shocks


Your car's shocks are an integral part of the suspension system of your vehicle. If they are working improperly, they can greatly reduce your comfort level while driving and make it harder for you to control your vehicle. Thankfully, there are a couple of warning signs that you can keep an eye out for to determine when you need to take your car in to have the shocks replaced. Bouncing

12 August 2016

Signs You Need To Replace Your Fuel Pump


Your vehicle's fuel pump, like its name would suggest, pumps fuel from your fuel tank to your engine, and as such is an integral part of the operation of your vehicle. If it begins to operate poorly or improperly, your vehicle may find itself unable to operate at all and leave you stranded somewhere. Thankfully, there are a number of warning signs of a failing fuel pump that you can keep your eye out for so you can head to a mechanic before it becomes a real problem.

2 August 2016

Automatic Transmission Problems: 3 Signs That You Have One


A defective transmission is one of the last things that any person wants to have to deal with, as it is not only time-consuming, but it is also quite expensive. If you know what to watch out for, you can catch the warning signs of a failing transmission early on and remedy the issue before it becomes a major and costly problem. Here are three signs that you have an automatic transmission that is trying to go out on you:

13 June 2016

What To Do When Your Car Blows A Brake Line


Brake line failures are rare, but they can be extremely dangerous and very scary when you're behind the wheel. When you hit the brake pedal, you create pressure that moves the brake fluid through the lines and activates the calipers, creating the braking action. When a brake line breaks, the fluid leaks out and the lack of pressure means it can't reach the calipers. Although your brake warning light will probably come on, you'll know when it happens because you'll suddenly lose the ability to stop or slow down.

16 May 2016

Tips For Paying Less On Your Upcoming Car Repairs


Are you afraid of what your upcoming car repairs are going to cost? Failing to take your car in for repairs shortly after issues arise can end up allowing other problems to occur, which can end up causing there to be more work on your vehicle and this can become more expensive. So, to ensure you keep repairs and prices to a minimum, you will want to be sure that you take your car into a repair shop sooner rather than later.

13 April 2016

Early Warning Signs That Your Rotors Need To Be Checked


If you have a modern car, chances are that you have disc brakes at least in the front. Many models have disc brakes on all four wheels. Disc brakes work to slow or stop the car by pressing a set of brake pads against the disc (also commonly known as a rotor). When there's a problem, it's important that rotors be repaired or replaced to keep the brakes in good working order.

13 April 2016

Indicators That Your Transmission Is Failing


If you own a car with a manual transmission then it is likely that you'll need to provide routine maintenance to your vehicle's transmission system as it can be prone to failing with manually shifting. Unlike an automatic car where the transmission switches gear based off of a computer, you may not always shift properly and this can lead to transmission issues. So, if your transmission is failing but you don't know what signs to look for, be sure to obtain routine maintenance and repairs when you notice the following:

24 February 2016

3 Signs Your Speed Sensor Is Going Bad


Speed sensors are an integral part of your vehicle. They tell the computer how fast your vehicle is going. Without them, you wouldn't have any idea what speed you are going. While they might work great most of the time, there is always the chance that something could go wrong with them and they stop working. If that sensor stops working properly, it could end up causing a number of problems.

12 February 2016

Three Tactics That Can Extend The Life Of Your Vehicle's Tires


Knowing a reputable automotive shop in your city gives you peace of mind as a driver. While it's ideal to be able to get a good deal on new tires and have them installed by a professional, it's also beneficial to employ some tactics with your current tires to extend their life. The manner in which you drive plays a key role in determining how long your tires will last and in what condition.

4 February 2016