3 Important Signs Your Vehicle's Suspension Needs Attention


Your vehicle's suspension is an important part of the vehicle that you need to know about. The suspension is what allows you to drive smoothly over the road, absorbing all the impact as you drive. That is why it is important to be aware when your suspension is not working as it should be so that you can get it fixed before you start to experience a bumpy ride.  The suspension system is a very complex system.

29 April 2022

Call A Locksmith To Get You Back In Your Car


Getting locked out of your car can be a serious problem. It doesn't matter if you are at home with your car in the driveway or standing outside of your work, it is more than just annoying, it can end up being downright dangerous. If you are locked out of your car, then you can try jimmying the door open so that you can get in, but then you risk causing damage to your car, which can get more expensive.

29 March 2022

Frame Safety Inspections


A collision may weaken parts of a frame and contribute to chronic mechanical failures. An inspection of a frame will determine if a frame has been compromised and if a vehicle is structurally sound. These steps are often conducted when an individual is planning on purchasing a secondhand vehicle or has recently purchased a secondhand vehicle. Frame Setups A body-on-frame setup consists of frame pieces that are welded together. The motor and suspension are bolted directly to the frame.

28 February 2022

Why Your Car Brakes May Fail


Your car's braking system allows you to slow down or stop the car while driving. With that said, problems with the brakes can be incredibly dangerous as they affect your car's handling and overall safety on the road. While brake malfunction may happen due to many different factors, here are some common culprits behind the problem. Worn Brake Pads Every time you apply pedal pressure, a bit of the sacrificial friction material on your brake pads gets rubbed away.

1 February 2022